1: Gymnastics Moves Named After Simone Biles - A Visual Guide Explore the incredible gymnastics moves inspired by Simone Biles, a true icon. This visual guide showcases 9 extraordinary Biles-inspired moves. Let's dive into the world of gymnastics mastery!

2: The Biles I Witness the breathtaking Biles I, an awe-inspiring vault maneuver named after Simone Biles. This high-flying move combines power, grace, and unparalleled skill. Prepare to be amazed!

3: The Biles II Welcome to the realm of artistry - meet the Biles II. Named after the legendary Simone Biles, this floor routine showcases mesmerizing flips and twists that defy gravity. Watch in awe!

4: The Biles Beam Balance and grace intertwine in the magnificent Biles Beam. Carrying Simone Biles' name, this move blends agility with precision. Witness the perfect poise as gymnasts conquer this challenging beam exercise.

5: The Biles Bars Prepare to be dazzled by the Biles Bars, a complex display of strength and elegance. Simone Biles' exceptional talent inspired this uneven bars routine, pushing gymnasts to reach new heights.

6: The Biles Backflip Experience the dynamism of the Biles Backflip, a tribute to Simone Biles' unrivaled style. This vault showcases her fearless athleticism and sets the standard for gymnasts aiming for greatness.

7: The Biles Twist Introducing the breathtaking Biles Twist, a floor routine bearing Simone Biles' name. This gravity-defying move consists of multiple twists, leaving spectators in awe of the gymnast's agility and control.

8: The Biles Tumble Hold your breath as we present the remarkable Biles Tumble. This floor exercise, named after Simone Biles, captures her unparalleled strength and flexibility, mesmerizing audiences worldwide.

9: The Biles Flip We unveil the extraordinary Biles Flip – a vault that embodies Simone Biles' fearless spirit. This high-flying move combines explosive power and unwavering determination, showcasing the essence of gymnastics brilliance.